Social Media as an Expression of Love

Growing up, cards were so important to me! I’d make one for every occasion – Father’s day, Mother’s day, anniversaries even holidays like Christmas. I found them to be a very personal way of showing my love to the people I gave my cards to. Fast-forward to 2019 and things have certainly changed! Social media has swallowed all of us and it has become the biggest way to express your emotions towards the people you love. An emotional Facebook post, pictures along with long and heartfelt captions, montages of pictures with a sentimental tune in the background – are just a few examples of the things I’ve seen people do on social media to express themselves. So where do photo editing and video maker apps come into the picture? Let’s find out! 

We’re seeing the era of photo and video making apps! With so many social media users pouring out their feelings each day, comes the rise in the use of apps to do with photo editing, video making and editing and so much more. In just a few easy steps and selections, you will have a photo or video to share instantly! The best part about photo editors and video maker apps are that the outcome is totally personalized – you get to choose the pictures, the music, the effects and who you want to share them with. You get to control everything! Speaking of sharing, these apps support so many ways you can share a video. You can privately send it to one friend or a group of people, you can share it with everyone on any social media platform or save it in your gallery for yourself. In fact, these video maker apps can also be used to make videos after a family trip, an event or even after an outing with friends! 

If you’re someone who does or does not care about the number of likes you receive every time you post, but still love expressing how you feel, then these photo and video maker apps are perfect for you! Not only is it a fun process of being able to choose the pictures, music, and effects you want to use but it’s also satisfying to see your end product, which is personalized! With all this talk, I think it’s time for you to finally download a photo editor or video maker app and see what I’m talking about.