Advantages of an online UPS Battery Saver

A UPS is a device that provides an uninterrupted power supply. A UPS can be connected to any kind of electronic appliances like fan, air conditioner, fridge, washing machine, computers, etc. A UPS Battery Saver has the capability to provide power to these appliances during a power cut.

There are mainly two types of UPS Battery savers. They are as follows

  1. Online UPS

2.Offline UPS

An offline portable ups battery Saver works like an inverter. The UPS is connected to the main power source. It gets charged when there is a power supply to the UPS. When there is a power cut, the charged UPS Battery Saver acts as a power source and provides power supply to the other appliances connected to the device. This kind of UPS is usually used for household purposes and in small offices.


An online home UPS Battery Saver works a little differently and is an advanced version of the offline UPS Battery Saver. It receives conditional power. The power here is first converted to DC and then to operate household appliances, it is again converted to AC. Therefore, it is safer and reliable. Hence, mostly it is used to operate very expensive machines, complex machines, etc.

An online UPS Battery Saver has the following advantages over an offline UPS Battery Saver.


Regulation of Voltage

Since there is conditioned electricity involves here, there is better regulation of voltage in case of an online UPS Battery Saver. This can reduce the adverse effects of power surges and power spikes as well as power sags.

Free from fluctuations

Since an online UPS uses conditioned power there is less fear of fluctuations. It is almost nil in case of usage of online UPS. Therefore, any damage to your appliances due to voltage fluctuations can be completely terminated.

Helpful during extreme weather

 An offline UPS Power Saver may not always guarantee protection from thunderstorms or flood. But, an online UPS Battery Saver can help you in such situations too. Therefore this kind is very widely used in hospitals.

Medical equipment

Online UPS Battery savers are very safe to use. It is more reliable compared to offline UPS Battery Savers. Therefore it is used in places like hospitals to operate very expensive medical equipment. Hospitals are a place where we can see a lot of emergencies and uncertainties. They cannot afford to not have a good power back up. Therefore they make use of online UPS to ensure an uninterrupted power supply 24 hours a day.

Load and Main supply

In an Online UPS battery saver, the load and the main supply is separately present. therefore it can be considered safer and more reliable compared to an offline UPS Battery Saver. Thus, it is usually used in places that run complex machinery rather than small household appliances.

Hence, the above were the various advantages of using an online luminous UPS Battery Saver. It can prove very useful in operating highly complicated and also expensive machinery as it reduces the risk of break down and failure of the machinery due to power variations. Therefore, one should make the right choice according to his or her requirements.