How to Get People to Notice Your App

In today’s world, it almost seems that just having a million-dollar idea for a mobile application, created to be attractive and functioning perfectly, is just not enough to get many users to download it. After spending all that time, money and effort on creating a mobile app, app developers need to devote their attention to app store optimization. App store optimization or ASO is a marketing approach for apps that enhances their visibility. This, in turn, will boost their downloads and the traffic directed towards them. Since we digital marketers are still not so sure of how Google and Apple rank apps on their platforms, we see app store optimization services to the answer to get your apps ranking well. These services aim to optimize many elements and features of your app, like the title, description, and visuals, in order to get more people to your app first and find it worth it to download. 

As you may have seen, any well established app-based business can thrive in the app market. But what about those who aren’t so well known? The secret to expanding the reach of your app has always been app store optimization. A combination of great user interface and experience mixed in with the best app store optimization services can get your app the popularity it deserves. It is known to be a cost-effect technique and worthy investment for app developers to gain a larger audience, better rankings and an increased number of downloads. Along with these main benefits, you also have a great chance of beating your competitors and grabbing the 1st rank in your category before they do. 

Some of the most popular app store optimization services include: 

  • Keyword research: being one of the most important aspects of ASO, keyword research is a service provided to app developers to help them find the best words (or keywords) that describe their app. ASO experts search for the most relevant words based on the main functions and features of the app. It’s important to associate an app with keywords because this increases the chances of being found and downloaded.
  • On-app optimization: these are the services are related to optimizing everything inside the app and on the app’s page. This includes essential elements of the app like it’s icon, title, subtitle, description, screenshots, the demo video, reviews and ratings, category and customer care. A common practice is to involve keywords in these elements in order to make them more discoverable to users. 
  • Off-app optimization: as the name suggests, off-app optimization is related to all the services outside the app to help grow its popularity. This can be through articles, reviews on blogs, paid advertisements and much more. 
  • Tracking progress and reporting: once all services are in motion, ASO experts track how well the apps are doing once optimized. This is put in the form of reports whose statistical data and inference are used to further better the optimization techniques that are in motion. 

Other app store optimization services we need to make a mention of are – complete app analysis, competitor apps analysis, app localization and app SEO. As these techniques go hand-in-hand and work together, they are bound to bring a large number of users to your app and you can see your app grow in time. If you ask me, there’s no better route to market your app and make better revenues!