What Can ASO do to Your App

App store optimization happens to be a very big part of app marketing companies’ strategies to bring more traffic to an app. Although it is often ignored and not practiced by most of the app developers out there, this technique of optimization can make an app shine! It is one method that doesn’t require you to shell out too much money or pay multiple parties to promote your app. With about 5 million apps on the market, we believe that app store optimization is a great and affordable investment that every app developer needs to consider. Amongst the various other app marketing techniques, let’s talk about ASO and understand why it is necessary. 

Briefly, ASO is the technique of optimizing smartphone applications to rank them higher in the app market, which in turn increases its visibility and attracts more potential users. In other words, better visibility means more traffic! And that is just one of the many benefits of ASO. On optimizing several elements of your app and its page, app marketing companies promise to help your app get more downloads and that means better revenues for you! If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you, here are some more that will help you understand why ASO is necessary: 

  1. Attracting the right audience: your app is only good for those who find a use in it and pointless for everyone else. This is why it is crucial for the right people to see your app in order for them to download it. With ASO, you can make sure the right people see your app and download it. Some techniques to get this to happen is by using keywords, making sure you have positive reviews and high ratings. Once your app is seen by the right people, downloads are guaranteed! 
  2. Increase your app’s relevancy: after your long research on the best keywords that describe your app, it’s time to put them to use in various elements of your app page. Using keywords in the title, description and sub-title (for iOS apps) attract significantly more viewers to your app page. This makes app search for users very simple since most of them are just searching for apps based on keywords not the actual name of the app. A strategy as simple as this can increase the visibility of your app drastically. 
  3. Crush your competition:  apps that are optimized rank much higher than their competitors, in their category. So, once your app is more visible and discoverable to users, your app automatically overtakes your competitor apps. Apps that are optimized rank much higher than their competitors, in their category. Optimized apps have more downloads, in comparison. We also have noticed that frequently downloaded and highly ranked apps constantly update themselves, making the app better and better with each update. 

Apart from three of these main necessities, ASO is very cost-effective. This means that you receive many benefits of ASO at a very minimal cost. Over time, it also builds your app’s credibility and is able to retain many users. 

Being discovered in a swarm of 5 million apps is definitely a challenge for all app creators and developers who have a great and unique idea behind their app. But with app marketing companies and their ASO services, there’s no need to worry! This cost-effective method can really do some magic on your app. Although it is a time-consuming process, it is important that one keeps testing out various strategies and methods for the best possible outcome.