Mitigating Data Risk – How Protectstar Works Against All Odds

Get this app and stay away from the worries about emptying my trash. Protecstar will help you with all your security solutions. However, for things I know I’ll never need again, I wanted to delete them from my drive without having to empty the entire trash. I bought this best file shredder and it does the job great! When I don’t want something I drag it to the icon in my doc and it chomps away and makes the document disappear. It clears the drive and it’s satisfying to hear the sound.

Let us see what makes Protecstar awesome:

Easy & Convenient

Protecstar does what it’s supposed to do. Completely removing a file and every aspect of it so it is 100% removed from your system and can’t be restored later. This is helpful for many reasons, from having multiple users on a computer, selling a computer, bringing it in for service where people might snoop, what have you. Just back everything up to a disc or external hard drive and then permanently delete it from your system with this best iPad cleaner. Note, that this app is only used for files and such, not for deleting apps. If you need to delete apps you should look up a different app for that, something like AppCleaner (which I believe is available as a web download), or something else available through the app store would suit your needs in that case.

Shred Everything

Shredding was NOT needed with my older OS system. So it was really annoying to have to BUY anything.  However, despite that, Protecstar  is really great and seems to do what it is supposed to do with style. Easy to use and convenient. I desperately needed one and I turned to this. It works beautifully in terms of ease of operation. I have found that there are remnants which are not removed completely with the help of best free shredder software. This I found by shredding files showing in the Trash. After having done so the Trash comes up as not being empty. Although you can’t locate a file, there is obviously something left behind. Thus to conserve space it may be wise to dump all files to be deleted in the Trash then shred them from there, any remnant will be deleted when the Trash is dumped.

Safe and Secured

Protecstar works smoothly and conveniently. It shreds selected, or all, files from the folder where they are filed or from the wastebasket. Works very quickly with solid state drive. No complaints. It may be overkill on an encrypted drive, but I like knowing trashed financial files ate completely gone, even if someone gets hold of my computer account password. Protecstar was a great buy and it worked really well and is a secure iPhone data eraser.  However, If you like to work fast, this app allows you to securely delete documents, on the spot, with a right click. No more dragging to the trash, then erasing by holding down the option key. This is a simple, easy to use utility that definitely deserves an AAA+++. Be thankful for the top notch customer service with the whole app features thing.

This is a great stand-alone app for secure file deletion. I was using another multipurpose application to do this until it caused numerous errors & false warnings after I updated to the latest iMac OS. I have not had any failures with Protecstar to date. I really like the ease of use & the ability to control the number of over-writes. That is an option the previous app I was using didn’t have. Thanks, Protecstar  for a Great App!.