Enjoy a TV Experience On Your Smartphone

Get the free Viu app and watch your movies & TV anytime, anywhere. Or binge on thousands of free movies on your smartphone. That’s right, thousands of movies, across countless genres, with nothing to pay. Stream your favorite titles to your devices in HDX and other compatible devices from the app. Sign up for Viu today, it’s free, and there’s no subscription.

Best Platform to Stream

This is a legitimate alternative for those who don’t want to use a paid subscription service like other over-priced streaming apps. The selection of movies and shows is surprisingly good, the video quality appears to be HD and the interface of the app is clean and intuitive. I also like the fact that the ads that play here and there while watching shows aren’t too long. This app is actually the best for watching free movies or shows and very easy to find Tamil, Telugu movie download easily to your phone.

HD-Quality Streaming Platform

I used it to first watch this older movie that I made a hard time getting a hold on but once I found out this app had it I was so excited. the quality of the online movies is perfect and so clean. I’m not watching anime and the subtitles are on point and I would recommend this to everyone. Easily the best site for finding movies, TV series and other projects available. A terrific selection is better than all the other streaming platforms. An enormous collection available free, something there for everyone, even a full list for the entire family and for small children. I am giving serious consideration to canceling my TV cable. Two whole hands up!

Find Everything You’re Looking For

The best free app for movies and documentaries that you always hoped you could see again. Quality is better than you can expect and new stuff is always being added. Just love checking every week to see what’s new. The programming keeps getting better and better. This app is great it runs smoothly, the video quality is like 1080p, and just navigation around the app is easy. If one had hoped the amount of ads go down in the future and movie selections go up then, this is the best app you. This app has always worked for me. Great movies and originals. Saves my movie where I was if I have to stop watching it. Ads are short. Wonderful app. I have tried others but this works the best to me. Kids and different genres. Let’s you save movies you want to watch. Just wish it allowed me to rate the movies I watch.

Wide range of Selections

One can love this app 100%. Great movie selection and everything. Best app for those who love independent and south action movies. Viu has a decent selection of these. Plenty of free Telugu movies and action for those with different taste. Probably a little something for everyone.

This app has proven to be the best ever Hands down for the number of excellent shows, series, a number of episodes Absolutely impressed and thankful n will be viewing this for a long time.