Enjoy Daily Dose of Short News Right On Your Finger Tips

A smart way to read short news on the go. Shortpedia has been the best and emerging news app. With respect to the conservative versus liberal bias question, the developers face a challenge to satisfy the judgments of all sides. It doesn’t have original news stories, it takes the news from every credible news source on the internet and compiles it into one amazing app. If you want to read an article written any trending topic, it’s there, including all the news on the streets. 

News From Different Sources

You can read news from multiple sources and decide what you think about them on your own instead of reading one FOX article and just taking what it says as fact. You can compare different biased writers and pick the truth out of the story. It even has news categories for things like fitness, sports, technology, space, U.S news, Top news, international news, etc. This app has it all.  Reading short news a really good service. Well put together and the alternative way to read a story is great.

Best Layout to Read the News On the go

The layout and format are clean and easy to read. You can switch to the smart view and the content is readily available. Read all the news in short and also if you find it interesting, you can continue reading for more. It is a straight up news app for articles and stories around you so far. Easy clean sharing that takes you to the actual website article, not back to the app. The short news view is what makes this a standout, but navigation is also superb. Love the way the app is set up, you can glide through the app with ease.

Way of Presentation of News

It has a more diverse view of the reporting of the news to make sure people are getting what they want to hear. News flash people, if you think a diverse viewpoint is biased, it’s not the app that is biased. Nice to see military news feed options such as information from Navy Times, Army Times, DVIDS, Military.com, AFN, Stars & Stripes, and official military news stories from all the branches. The app considers to be breaking news, because a lot of the things it claims is breaking news is really an update of previous breaking news or not as significant as I would like it to be before getting notified. Keeps you up to date with the latest news and with the latest insights that interest you based on your history.

Apps like these have significantly replaced much of TV News viewing time. You must download this app. Shortpedia makes its content better than any other news app. This is an aggregate news source where you choose your topics. A nice sampling of nationally known news sources, some academic sources, and a few dubious sources (liberal and conservative) – but still, a well-rounded view of any topic you could imagine.