How to boost your app’s paid marketing through PPC and app paid keywords?

App marketing is not a small thing. With millions of apps and million dollars of revenue turn over every year, the app marketplace is full of dominant competitor apps and brands. Amidst all this, making your way out and standing at the top is a challenging task and path. 

While every app marketer focuses on increasing its app’s popularity through organic campaigns, focusing on paid marketing also reaps good benefits. It means spending money for search engines, social media platforms and influencer marketing for marketing and promoting your app.

While paid marketing has many techniques and strategies, we here give you a brief intro to PPC and how app paid keywords are bid.

What is PPC(pay per click)?

Pay per click is a type of internet marketing where you pay for the host or the search engine who markets your app add, whenever the viewer performs a certain required action like clicking the ad or downloading the app etc.

Search engines are one of the most popular platforms for marketing your app. They show the ads that are relevant to the search queries by the customers. But do you think that google shows the ads based on organic keywords and popularity? Here where real-time bidding and app paid keywords to come in.

How Real-time bidding and app paid keywords are selected.

To understand this, you need to know how paid search marketing takes place. Every time there is a spot on the search engine result page, the advertisers try to gain the spot by bidding the place.

This action takes place based on a keyword, and these are called best app agency paid keywords. 

This auction begins when someone starts searching for the product related to your keyword. The ads win based on the quality and relevancy of the search query and later gets placed on the search engine result page.

When it comes to app paid keywords you pay for the host every time, your paid keyword gets searched, and your app ad is clicked. 

Mostly platforms like google ads and bing ads perform real-time bidding and show sponsored ads.

Tips while using app paid keywords in PPC ads:

  • Try to bid long tail keywords which have less competition and less costly. They are also more targeted when compared to mainstream keywords.
  • Try to use the keywords in the title as well as the description for more relevancy.
  • Include dynamic keyword insertion, which precisely consists of the customer’s search query in your products description.
  • Use more backlinks and focus on the creative and impressive description.


Effectively grouping and organizing your keywords help in improving your PPC ads to their best. Remember it’s always important to track how well your PPC ad is working and how many keywords can be attributed to these paid ads. Make sure you follow and track the conversion rate from this paid search marketing.