Can Food Delivery Apps Also Be Used To Buy Groceries?

In a very short period, food delivery apps have created a big impact in the Indian market. People were sceptical at the beginning, but with time and constant improvements from app makers, people are using it on a large scale. Be it to order from a local restaurant or a reputed chain like Wow Momo, food delivery apps are the first choice of many.

With the technology getting more advanced each day, people are starting to order groceries daily online. But isn’t it better to use one app for both food and groceries instead of a separate one? Can food delivery apps be used to order groceries, Amul ice cream, and more? Let’s find out.

Many of the big food delivery apps have expanded into grocery delivery, too. They work with grocery stores, and supermarkets in addition to restaurants, as well. This lets people order fresh groceries through the app, just like takeout food. The groceries are then delivered by the app’s drivers.

Some apps work with major grocery chains, while others work with local stores. Smaller local markets also frequently partner with the big apps.

To use a food delivery app for grocery delivery, you choose a participating grocery store in the app, just like choosing a Karachi bakery or other restaurant. You can then browse the store’s inventory in the app and add items to your cart. Once your order is complete, a delivery driver picks up the groceries at the store and brings them to your home, usually within one or two hours.

There are some advantages to using food delivery apps for groceries and other readymade items like dairy milk chocolate instead of ordering directly from the grocery store’s website or app. The delivery apps give you the ability to combine grocery and restaurant orders into one order for convenience. They also show you real-time driver location tracking.

Additionally, many people find food app interfaces easier to use than clunky grocery delivery websites. Frequent discount codes for the apps can also make grocery orders cheaper. A potential downside is that delivery fees are higher than what grocery stores charge for their own delivery.

If you already use apps like Swiggy for restaurant delivery, you can absolutely use them to have groceries, including Maggi, delivered as well. This can save you a trip to the grocery store. Just be sure to check which stores in your area have partnered with each app.

For people who have difficulty getting to the grocery store, such as the elderly or disabled, grocery delivery through food apps can be an extremely convenient option. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can get fresh produce, Maggi pasta, frozen foods, and household essentials brought right to your doorstep.


The rise of grocery options through restaurant food delivery apps has been a welcome advancement for many consumers. While these apps started by just focusing on restaurant delivery, their expansion into groceries meets the growing demand for convenient ways to have all kinds of food, such as Dairy Milk silk and household items, brought straight to your home.