A Deep Dive To Niche Investment Opportunities In BSE

If you are a budding investor, you must be aware of the NSE. Similar to the NSE, there is another prominent figure in the Indian stock market, which has around 6,000 different companies listed and ranks among one of the largest exchanges in the world. 

You guessed it right! It is the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Suppose you are a person who holds an interest in trading, sell equity shares, and also explores the various investment opportunities in BSE. In that case, you are in the right place. This article will help you understand BSE better and will also list a few top investment opportunities.

What is BSE?

It is one of the oldest and most prominent stock exchanges in Asia that allows investors to trade in mutual funds, currencies, derivatives, and equities. The reputed stock exchange was established in 1875. Back then, it was known as the Native Share and Stock Brokers’ Association. You will be fascinated to know that the BSE is Asia’s first stock exchange, which also has an equities trading platform for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). 

List of investment opportunities in BSE:

  • Invest in SMEs

As mentioned above, BSE offers a separate platform for people to invest in SMEs. By doing these businesses, you are not only helping a small business grow but increasing your chances of getting more returns, as the business has a higher potential to growth. 

  • Mutual Funds with BSE StAR MF:

If you want to invest in Mutual funds directly, head to the BSE StAR MF. Mutual funds can be tough to understand, but this platform makes it easier and more accessible to the common people. 

This platform serves as an aggregator for collecting mutual funds orders from distributors collecting funds.

  • Commodity Derivatives:

If the opportunities mentioned above do not interest you, try trading commodity derivatives. By trading commodity derivatives, you effectively access and learn about the commodities market. Plus, it will also help to improve your portfolio as an investor with commodities like gold.

  • BSE Greenex:

If you are a person who likes to do their bit for environmental stability. Head to BSE Greenex, which keeps track of the companies that show a commitment to environmental sustainability. You can invest in these companies to support their cause.

Closing notes-

  • The BSE promises a plethora of investment opportunities for budding and seasoned investors. Whether you are trading stocks or investing in Mutual funds, you will have all of it under one roof.
  • As a newbie investor in the stock and share market, carefully analyze the opportunities mentioned in the article. If you want to know more, go to the BSE website and learn about other investment opportunities provided by BSE. 
  • In case you have a query that is not addressed on the official website, you can always reach out to the support team and drop a call. 

Remember, it is wise to know about all the possible opportunities before picking the right investment path.