10 Important Rainy Day Essentials for Dogs

Allowing your pup to play in the rain can be enjoyable for them, but it’s essential to consider a few factors. Light rain and moderate temperatures are generally safe. However, in heavy rain or cold weather, limiting outdoor playtime is best to prevent your pup from getting too wet and potentially suffering from hypothermia.

Always supervise them, dry them off thoroughly after play, and ensure they have access to shelter and warmth when needed. Use your judgment based on the weather conditions and your dog’s comfort and safety. Also, consider being equipped with dog insurance NZ so your puppy has basic medical backup at all times.

Dog insurance can cover a canine’s diagnosis, treatment, and medication costs during accidental injuries, illnesses, and medical emergencies, depending on the level of cover chosen. Think about getting a policy; meanwhile, read this article for information on must-have rainy-day essentials for your pooch.

Rainy day essentials for dogs

Ensuring your dog’s comfort and safety during rainy weather is essential. Some rainy-day essentials for dogs are mentioned below.


Invest in a waterproof and breathable raincoat for your dog to keep them dry during walks. Choose one with reflective strips for added visibility.


A dog-specific umbrella with a leash attachment can shield your pup from heavy rain during bathroom breaks.


Dog booties protect their paws from getting wet, muddy, or injured by sharp objects on rainy sidewalks. Make sure your dog is comfortable and that it fits properly.

4.Towel or mat

Place a microfiber towel or mat by the door to dry off your dog’s paws and coat when they come inside. This prevents muddy paw prints throughout your home.

5.Indoor toys and activities

Rainy days can limit outdoor playtime, so have indoor toys and puzzle feeders to keep your dog mentally stimulated and entertained.

6.Extra towels and blankets

Keep extra towels and blankets on hand in case your dog gets soaked or needs a cozy spot to dry off.

7.Drying station

Create a designated drying station near the entrance, equipped with a hairdryer (on a low, cool setting), for faster drying after walks.

8.Rainy walk accessories

If you must take your dog for a walk, bring disposable poop bags, a leash with a comfortable grip, and a collapsible water-resistant bowl for hydration.

9.Safety gear

Ensure your dog’s collar or harness has identification tags with updated contact information, especially if they’re prone to getting scared and bolting during thunderstorms.

10.Behavioral comfort

Some dogs may get anxious during rainy weather. Provide a cozy, safe space where they can relax, and consider options like calming supplements if needed after seeking your vet’s advice.

Adjust your daily routine to accommodate your dog’s needs during rainy days and prioritize their safety and comfort.

Know that getting wet in the rain can pose health risks to dogs. Excessive moisture can lead to skin issues, like fungal infections and hot spots, especially in breeds with dense fur. Rainwater may also contain pollutants, chemicals, or parasites that can irritate a dog’s skin or be ingested during grooming, leading to gastrointestinal problems.

Prolonged exposure to cold rain can cause hypothermia, especially in smaller or short-haired dogs. Additionally, wet conditions can exacerbate joint pain in dogs with arthritis. To mitigate these risks, it’s essential to dry your dog thoroughly and provide shelter during heavy rainfall or extreme weather.

Simultaneously, consider being equipped with dog insurance in NZ so that providing emergency vet care need not be a significant financial burden. Contemplate purchasing dog insurance so that unplanned vet costs are more manageable.